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The HeathSUN Concert Series is the new name for Heath Concerts. The new name reflects its purpose to promote the HeathSUN Project and its mission to bring solar power to Santa Fe County.

Like Heath Concerts, the HeathSUN Concert Series will continue to provide a broad, eclectic selection of the best music, to our entire community.

HeathSUN Concerts parent, the Heath Foundation operates with a vision of making a positive impact on the lives of people who live in Santa Fe. The HeathSUN project is directly in line with this vision, and will significantly improve the lives of residents in Santa Fe County as well as improving the environment that we all inhabit.

HeathSUN intends to solarize Santa Fe County over the next ten years, with a goal of having 70% of all electricity powered by the sun. Our vision involves a distributed power model of solar energy, with photovoltaic solar panels installed on building rooftops at no initial cost to the owner. This model does not require the construction of a central power station and can utilize the existing grid system.

For more information on the HeathSUN Project, click here.

The Heath Foundation, has also begun the development activity toward a new outside amphitheater in the Santa Fe Area in order to create the opportunity for more outdoor events throughout the entire summer season.

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